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Are You Working From Home - Personal Tips From Robin.

If you recognize me, you'll know that I'm an individual that needs people -- I even have often mentioned myself as 'short span,' as constant human interaction and distraction is required on behalf of me to function.

Working From Home
Although I survived Day 1 of WFH (working from home), I can tell you it wasn't easy. Starting out on Day 2, I even have compiled an inventory of things that will (hopefully) get me through the subsequent few weeks and should even help others as well!

Keep your routine. I normally awaken between 4:00 - 4:30 am and begin the day. Clearly, I do not compute -- but I do consume a lot of coffee, review the emails that came in overnight, and watch the news on TV.

Don't change your work start time. I typically leave the house by 6 am, so now that there's zero commute time, I inherit my headquarters and begin my day at 6:30 (and just consider all the additional coffee I can consume during the non-commute!).

STAY CONNECTED! During the workday, stay in touch with co-workers and management. Since this is often shaping up to be the 'new normal,' so as to be effective in your job you'll get to collaborate with others... whether it's a call, email, or a talk session with team members.
Focus. Being reception has its distractions, sort of a dustcart going by, dogs barking, or a bird fluttering outside your window. no matter the distraction, it's important to specialize in your job. What works on behalf of me is compiling a daily list of 'need to urge done today' items. Although work-related distractions will inevitably happen (the impromptu meetings or screen shares), you'll a minimum of have your daily list of things to bring you back to the tasks at hand.

Lunch. I'm not a lunch (or breakfast, for that matter) person, but being reception and knowing that there's food available makes me want to eat lunch! it is not all bad, though. Getting faraway from your desk for the 15 approximately minutes may be a good way to clear your mind and feed your belly. And if you throw a load of laundry in at that time? Score!


All folks are concerned about this virus. We are afraid and unsure of what we should always do to organize or what's required to avoid it and the way we and our families will survive if we catch it. this is often normal, but in spite of all this, I'm surprised that there seems to be little mention of God during this situation.

Setting your end time. the sweetness of performing from the house is not having to travel, and without the commute, I always feel that I can work a touch longer and obtain more done. that's a perk, but don't go crazy. By that, I mean if you hear the ten pm news from another room, you'll want to chop back a touch. Set an alarm on your phone for your 'ideal' end time... for me, it's set for 7 pm.

That's it. Hopefully, the following pointers will assist you, also as help me, get through these somewhat challenging times. In the meantime, stay safe, wash your hands, and obtain to work!!
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