The Advantages of Pleated Retractable Screens

Pleated retractable screens are currently the best screens available (we may be biased!) in the UAE in terms of value for money, quality, bug resistance, and great looks. They are also capable of protecting your home from sun damage as well as keeping out all the bugs found across the Emirates. The screens also save you money by allowing a cool natural breeze to flow through your home while you have your doors and windows open. Increased natural light is also another advantage of pleated screens.

They beautify the house because of their attractiveness and increase the comfort they provide. On the convenience part, pleated retractable screens are the best option for every modern home commonly found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. Each pleated fly screen is custom made to your exact specifications to suit all your personal requirements. The screen mesh is secure because it has a powder-coated aluminum frame. Quality Italian polyester yarn is used for making screen mesh.

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In case you want to change the mesh after a while, you do not need to worry. The pleated screens have been made in a way that it is easy to replace. In most cases, there is always a warranty when you buy pleated retractable screens; at least there should be a one year warranty which should be the industry standard.

Why you should use pleated retractable screens?

Here are advantages of Pleated retractable screens:

·         It is wind resistant
Pleated retractable screens can easily resist wind. The reason for this is because of polyester pleated screen fabric and kevlar horizontal tension cords used for making it. These two provide extra rigidity to the normal screen fabric used for making the screens. For a wind prone area, it is recommended that you use pleated retractable screens for your house.
·         It saves your home from pests and insect
Another advantage of a pleated retractable screen is that it denies insects such as bugs and pests from entering your home. To save yourself from risk poses by bugs and the likes, it is advisable you use a pleated retractable screen for your doors and windows.
·         It gives you a great look
For lovers of natural view, a pleated retractable screen is the best for you. A pleated retractable screen is always a see-through screen, therefore while you are inside your home, you enjoy an unobstructed view of nature. When not in use they simply fold away out of sight.
·         It is easy to maintain
Maintaining a pleated retractable screen is very easy. The pleated retractable screen can be controlled with your hand, you just have to move it easily and smoothly. To use some other type of screens, you will need an additional mechanism such as brakes, springs, etc. On the aspect of longevity, pleated retractable screens last longer because of the presence of either polythene terephthalate or polyester in them. To clean them all you need is a wet cloth to wash the mesh about once per month to get the dust off it.
·         It is more economical
It is more economical to use a pleated retractable screen. Apart from the main door, some homes have a second door. They use screen doors to cover the exterior beautiful and expensive door. To save yourself from using a screen door and exterior door at the same time, just go for a pleated retractable screen.

In conclusion, the pleated retractable screen is the best choice for your home if you want something that is great quality for a relatively affordable price. For you, that love seeing the great natural view, do not give it a second thought, pleated retractable screens are the perfect screen for you.

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