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Personal injury is a serious matter.  Each case will vary based on the circumstances and facts.  In addition, each state has their own laws that govern personal injury, compensation and settlements.  Contacting a local accident attorney is suggested.  Use our directory to locate accident attorneys and personal injury law firms in your area...

Things To Know and consider if you are ever injured or in an accident:

Information and Facts:  If possible, try to remember all information and facts associated with your injury.  Injury lawsuits are sophisticated and often the outcome is dependent upon the facts of your injury.  Including but not limited to the circumstances involving the injury, previous injuries, other parties involved and a variety of variables that opposing parties may discover to discredit your case.  Discussing your injury with a licensed attorney is typically the best way to determine your case.

Toll FREE Referral Services - Attorney referral services have become a popular business in the country, however realize, you are not contacting or speaking to a licensed attorney when you call one of these companies.  These companies are paid to refer your case not only to an attorney but also to a doctor/chiropractor, auto repair shop and other services that pay for the referral.  Many of these businesses have come under scrutiny lately by state and federal agencies, beware when contacting any of these services.  A licensed attorney can refer you to all of the same services and has to abide by ethical and legal standards when doing so.

Choosing A Licensed Accident Attorney:

The Basics - When choosing an attorney to represent you, realize you will be working closely with that accident attorney and their personal injury specialists.  Lawsuits are lengthy in time and many result in a settlement out of court. You have to be confident that your attorney will get you the best possible results therefore your confidence is a must. Be prepared to speak with your attorney on a regular basis, in addition, you may have several doctor visits, treatments and other commitments related to your injury, after all no one can see a doctor on your behalf or get an x-ray for you.  So be prepared to miss work and other commitments if you are going to pursue a lawsuit from an injury.

Costs/Retainers - Most personal injury attorneys provide free consultations and do not require a retainer to take on your case.  Most personal injury law firms work on contingency, which means they are compensated based on the compensation you receive if ANY from your injury.  However, in rare circumstances they may ask for a retainer.  Be sure to ask immediately upon contacting an attorney if there are any fees involved.

Signing a Retainer Agreement Upon signing a retainer agreement with an attorney you have become comfortable with, you have now entered into a legally binding agreement and authorize that attorney to work on your behalf.  If you need further clarification on any agreement it is recommended you contact another 3rd party attorney to fully understand your rights.

Understanding Injury Lawsuits and Settlements

Time - Many injury cases take years to resolve.  Understanding that in most cases an injury lawsuit will involve an insurance company.  Insurance companies are risk adverse and have time on their hands.  If you are injured and are expecting a quick resolution, more often than not you will be disappointed.  Discussing your personal circumstance with your attorney is the best way to determine your situation.  Often serious injuries take time to heal including but not limited to treatment and rehabilitation which may involve missing work and other commitments.

Damages - Each injury is different and unique and involves a variety of circumstances.  In addition, many injuries have a lasting effect that is not foreseen for years to come, therefore it is important that all facts related to your case are discussed and your attorney will typically develop a formula to compensate you for your injuries not only in the present but for the future as well.

Depositions/Court Hearings - The judicial system is a complicated one to understand involving many layers and processes when dealing with lawsuits.  Once your attorney files an injury lawsuit the process starts.  The first process after all the facts are presented is typically a deposition, which you (the injured party) will give as will any other party involved directly or indirectly in your lawsuit. A deposition is a recording of facts presented by you on your behalf related to your case and is done under oath and is legally binding.  As previously mentioned injury lawsuits take time to resolve and involve many hearings, continuations, possibly appeals and other processes.  

To better understand the processes and components of an injury lawsuit we recommend you contact a licensed accident attorney LSC LAW FIRM [] to discuss your injury further.

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