What is a retractable insect screen?

Gone are the days when you had to fear mosquitos, flies and all types of insects. The UAE now has a flexible and durable solution to stop these annoying bugs. That technology is the pleated retractable insect screen. Hugely popular in Europe and across Asia, the screen is now available in the UAE by FlyScreens.ae, a Safety Screens company. With the capability to span up to 5m, it is the perfect solution for all types of doors and windows found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The screen mesh is made from a high-quality polyester and its innovative design allow the mesh to be folded away when not in use. And unlike roll-up screens, there are no mechanical components that could fail in the harsh UAE environment.

Why use a Retractable Insect Screen

The innovative design of the retractable screen allows a wide range of installation options for every villa or apartment. There are many benefits of installing a retractable pleated mesh insect screen and some of these are detailed below.

-          One of the major benefits of these types of retractable insect screens is that they are easy and quick to install.  This is of course providing the measurements of the window or door are accurate as each screen is custom made to perfectly fit every opening.

-          Another use of this insect screen is that it gives 100% protection from insects like mosquitos, bugs, flies, and other flying insects. It makes sure that you remain safe and secure whenever you are on the other side of the insect screen.

-          People often have this misconception that when they will use these insect screens, it will make their room suffocating as the air won’t be able to pass through the screen properly. Of course, this is not true. This window screen has been developed for Abu Dhabi in such a way that they allow the air to pass through it while keeping the bugs out. There are pores that are big enough for the air to pass through them but won’t let even a single insect pass through it.

-          Because it is a retractable insect screen, you can always tuck the mesh away when not in use. This preserves the view and extends the life of the mesh as it can be stored out of the harmful effects of the sun.

-          The frames can be powder coated any color to match your existing villa door and window colors. This makes the screens as unobtrusive as possible.


These retractable insect screens are function, strong, and easy to use. They keep all kinds of bugs out of your home which keeps your family safe and free from attack. All retractable screens are completely children friendly and do not wear easily as only the highest quality materials are used in their design. Perfect for any door or window found in Abu Dhabi, please contact us for a free measure and quote today.

With all these benefits, these screens become a must to have for everyone who is fed up of the insects and want to find a permanent solution to the problems caused by these insects. Therefore, do get these retraceable insect screens installed at your place.

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