Who is the course of BLS CPR San Bernardino County aimed at?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support and CPR is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The techniques to perform BLS or CPR on any needed patient should be learnt by all medical professionals. Persons in the healthcare system need to know to perform these lifesaving skills within an in-hospital situation or in an out-of-hospital situation. The professionals who should be equipped with performing CPR and BLS are doctors, nurses, therapists, paramedics, assistants of physicians, technicians who handle medical equipments and students who aim to pursue or are pursuing medicine. Apart from them, BLS CPR San Bernardino Country provides classes and certificate courses to any person who is willing to learn these skills. Usually after calling for medical emergency assistance, the help arrives around 10 minutes later and BLS or CPR within these few minutes can save a patient’s life.

What are the features of BLS Certification San Bernardino County?
·         Science and education that reflects the Guidelines of AHA published in 2015 is provided as the theoretical content.
·         A small group of students is led by a very capable instructor to get hands of experience and develop proficiency of the skill.
·         Having team sessions for CPR Classes San Bernardino County where the instructor emphasized on the training of providing high quality CPR
·         Video lectures which showed real life situations so that the students learn to recognize the emergency promptly and deliver the help to the person in need.
·         BLS Certification San Bernardino County covers methods of providing ventilations appropriate to the patients, using an AED early on in the situation and to give high quality chest pumps and compressions

What are the contents of the course of CPR and Basic Life Support San Bernardino County?

The below mentioned content is especially for the people in the medical profession-
·         Learning the concept of CPR and the critical concepts of giving a high quality CPR and if needed an ACLS
·         Learning and following the guidelines set by the American Heart Association
·         Training to perform CPR on adults and children when you are the only rescuer
·         Learning and practising different techniques of delivering CPR and BLS to children, infants and adults
·         In addition to the above CPR and Basic Life Support San Bernardino County also teaches how to be a team player when you are in a multi rescuer situation like attending an accident site.
·         The course teaches further methods like how to give relief by removing a foreign body that is choking an adult and the technique to do the same in case of an infant.
·         CPR Certification San Bernardino County doesn’t just introduction to managing the compression and ventilation of the patient you are performing CPR on. It also teaches methods to perform CPR via advanced airway and using airbags as the barrier device for ventilations.
After the course is completed one has to undergo a series of tests including written tests and performing flawless lifesaving skills in a situation presented before the student. On qualifying the tests, the student receives the certification from AHA which holds validation for two years.

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