Overview of Vitamins and Minerals Supplied via Intravenous Treatment Therapy

IV therapy or intravenous therapy treatment delivers varieties of minerals and vitamins direct to the bloodstream by using a needle. This type of treatment offered by the experts of IV therapy near mehelps you in reversing a wide range of nutritional deficiencies. It also gives relief from the symptoms associated with different health conditions. These include flu, influenza, cold, and nausea conditions.

Combination of Vitamins and Minerals Given via Intravenous Treatment

When you search for IV hydration near me, you will find large numbers of IV therapy clinics and hospitals providing a a perfect blend of the essential nutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals to deal with different types of health requirements. In most of the cases, intravenous the treatment gives the following categories of vitamins and minerals combined with the saline solution.

Saline Solution

The saline solution consists of a mixture of water and salt. Any regular saline solution contains sodium chloride or common salt of 0.9percent, which is similar to the concentration of sodium in tears and human blood. Based on this, experts of IV Drip in Desert Hot Springs CArefer the saline solution as isotonic saline. 

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B Complex play prime roles in different bodily functions. These are maintaining proper metabolism, blood sugar control, and the energy production process. Vitamins help you to feel refresh and revitalize whether you fall sick, suffer from a hangover, or feel tired or any other similar type of condition due to weather changes. B complex in intravenous form prevents migraine problems and stops them quickly once they start. B12 helps in reducing anxiety and depression problems.

Vitamin C

A few of the hospitals associated with IV Vitamin C nearby meprovide vitamin C in intravenous form. Vitamin C has a crucial role in good health, as the blood vessels, bones, and skin of a person require vitamin C to remain healthy and the vitamin is an excellent antioxidant. Vitamin C is equally essential to overcome sickness, as it supports the healthy function of the immune system.


The function of most of the enzymes depends on magnesium. Because of this, it has become essential for your health. Until now, magnesium has helped individuals to manage migraines and diabetes condition. Besides, it helps in developing heart health, bone health, and absorption of calcium. Moreover, an increase in the magnesium intake via intravenous line helps in reducing anxiety symptoms in many people.



Glutathione is an effective antioxidant, which performs multiple functions in the human body. The compound is very much essential to-

·         Give support to the immune system

·         Form DNA

·         Allow easy break down of specific free radicals

·         Help in the proper functioning of certain enzymes

·         Regenerate vitamins C and E


Zinc performs multiple functions to retain good health. When zinc is supplied via an intravenous line, it helps in fast healing of wounds and maintains your healthy skin. It also supports your immune system with the activation of T cells and treats the problems of the common cold.

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